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Color Customization Improvements


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1) Prime Warframes

Primes should have full color customization. This includes their unique golden areas.

This idea is amazing for players who dislike choosing colors, which look awful with gold, but it would still retain its glossy aspect, and it would look beautiful for colors such as Grey (Silver) or Brown (Bronze) and others.


2) Weapon skins/counterparts

All skins should be fully customized. Skins such as Vandals, the Strain Wraith, etc., should allow for a higher color variety but retaining their unique patterns. (Some Vandals can be colored, but it just overlays over the Vandals' colors)


3) Color mismatch

I'm mainly talking about Primes and their alternate helmets but it can also apply to every other item that can be colored. For example, while I can have a really white Mag prime (White on the top-right of the Smoke Palette.), my other Warframes have this grey-ish white.


4) Unable to customize some parts

Tint colors that do not appear to work is what I'm talking about. There's usually one tint color that does not seem to work, for some odd reason.


5) Syandana customization

One is colored after your Energy and the rest is colored after your Tint Color picks. Not really bad but I think it should be able to be colored.


6) Other suggested content

6.1) https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/95067-armor-materials/'>Armor Materials;

6.2) https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/100961-badge-levels/'> Badge Ranks;

6.3) https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/70529-color-palettes-colors-numbered/'> Colors Numbered.

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The weapons tint and colours are really hard to see with the background light glares and stuff. I think it should be done like Mass Effect 3, where you put your stuff on a random table or actually be able to view the weapon alone. Like RE6 in-game collectible figurines. You know, zoom in and rotate and all that.


And appliable dusty/scratched/rusted effects on clan emblems upon creation? Some looked too hi-def for a combat razed exo-armor.

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i'm gonna also suggest that the classic dolor palette be fully unlocked. but if that can't be done, i'd like to see some shade of black as an option.


No. This should always be off the table. We get practically everything for free already, and color palettes have nothing to do with game mechanics or gameplay.

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