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PVP overhaul, the best of both worlds


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PVP in warframe is a dumpster fire, very few will claim otherwise, and it's lack of enjoyment limits the game severely.

Elevator Pitch:

This brings with it balanced pvp, unbalanced pvp, a regular monthly event, unique rewards and meaningful rewards as well as a way for players to have the most challenging form of enemy, other players.

2 modes are required.

1 is standard mode where most of the progression is earned in pvp.

In this mode all weapon types are standardized, ie, your shotgun works the same as any other shotgun for the same damage and spread and mods affect nothing, all weapons are standard.  Mods on frames also don't count.  Player health, armor and shields are at base and dps output for warframe abilities, utility abilities and cc are manually adjusted on a case by case basis for balance purposes.  additionally ability cooldowns like in sanctuary are applied so you can't just span your most valuable skills.

This creates a fairly even playing field and streamlines almost all of the work.  New cosmetics are added to the pool as well as some tangible power rewards that are useful such as catalysts and forma.  

This runs in seasons similar to nightwave, where you can earn and rank up your "title" for bragging rights and get achievements and such that might unlock other rewards.

2 is a free for all mode that appears for a limited time, maybe one week per month

This mode features full modding and operates exactly as standard warframe does.  It's not balanced and not meant to be and all mods and builds are entered as is.  This limited time situation offers you faster access to tangible rewards and maybe some vaulted relics drops or something.  Players earn both by winning and losing but winning offers better progression, this means you're rewarded simply for participating to ensure it isn't only the best of the best that are allowed to play in this mode and win, something like 6 v 6, 4v4, 1v1 are likely candidates for modes.  

Each month also offers a unique reward of some kind at the highest level of achievement, which is technically achieveable with lots of time if you just lose forever, but can be attained easier/faster by wins.

This also has the benefit of bringing back a use to the sparring arenas in dojos as a way to test and prep for the next event, this also gives warframe a monthly event that is repeatable. 

In both modes they have to be hosted by DE and not a client since that offers unfair advantages.

This gives players both an even ground to play on for skill, and also rewards players who have earned their way up in the regular game.

Utlimately this is simply an outline and there are lots of ways to improve and refine this, as well address concerns, but these need to be looked at on each individual case by case basis.

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