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Game is restricting me from trading for 333 hours


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Well, there are a few things about this that would help DE/us to figure out what is actually going on.


You said you were able to trade, then said a few hours later you could not. That is not 333 hours. What is the actual screen you are getting? A screenshot of the error screen would really help.

Are you by chance out of daily trades? You can only makes the amount of trades that your MR allows per day, and the game day resets at 7PM EST. Try trading again after that time and see if you can trade.

What item are you trying to trade? Could be that it is a non-tradable item.

I hope you can let us know that info so that we or DE can help you out.

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I mean that after a few hours I tried trading again and it told me that I was "restricted from trading for 333 hours".

I traded once earlier that day with a friend (I gave him some Warframe augments) then a few hours later I tried trading again with someone else (I needed a parazon mod) but it kept giving me this error preventing me from trading so I decided to try trading at maroo's bizarre but it wouldn't let me make an offer so as a test I tried trading with one of the random players to see if I could attempt a trade there at all and that's when I got the restriction message about my trades.

I should also note that I am MR23 so I had a sufficient amount of trades.

Lastly I don't know how to attach an image, this is the first time I am having to submit a ticket so I'm not sure how to go about this. (If you wouldn't care to add me on PS4 I will gladly send you the screenshot)

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I've also been having the same issues, Whenever I would trade with someone a message would appear saying  "Failed to offer".

I also tried to trade at Maroo's Bazaar but I get a a message saying "Your account has been restricted from trading for 333 hours"

(I'm sorry for not giving any new info, just have the same issue and post my info)


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