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Conservation, making my favorite part of Warframe Better


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I have maxed out PoE and Fortuna rank on switch using only conservation and I'm 3/4 of the way doing the same on PC and its one of my favourite activities, but I have some thoughts
on improvements and making the design more engaging. I understand that this is probably low on the priority list but hey I have thrown god knows how many hours at this part of the
game so why not give some (hopefully) constructive feed back


+ Fun
+ Different
+ Rewards, Both floofs and the abilities to rank up standing without grinding bounties
+ Plains animals roaming around
+ Fortuna variety of "Styles" of captures. E.g. Sawgaws flying from Shroom to Shroom, Bolarolas rolling around etc...
+ Varity of animals in Fortuna
+ Balancing of the RNG with pheromones to reduce grind


- PoE enemy density and the flyers makes stealthy conservation frustrating as you have to swap back and forth between conservation tools and weapons during the day
- Lack of different "Styles" of captures for PoE, One swarm and two Flyers and the cats
- Repetitive mechanics for MOST creatures. Poop, Call, Repeat and then they make a straight line to the nest
- Can only use tranq gun in arcwing and not calls and you can’t fly up or down (Probably a bug)
- There’s not more of it


Different tranq weapons! e.g.
 - A single shot tranq rifle with some homing or aim assist
 - A Grenade like net gun with an AoE knock down
 - A bait launcher that has a chance to re lure fleeing animals
A wider variety of approach behaviours for animals:
 - A stealthy stalker that will circle and look around the nest to see if it’s clear before approaching
 - An aggressive pack that cover an area like sentries while a rare version goes for the nest
 - Just a wider variety of pathing to the nest like zigzagging
 - A Rare to spawn large target that possibly takes multiple frames or stages to capture
Make some Fortuna animals roam around like PoE

I don't know how to reduce the Greneer on PoE to a more tolerable level possibly a conservation que like eidolons with reduced spawns? (There are possible
exploitation problems with this idea)



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