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Kuva Bramma: Finally good and fun ranged


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Dear DE,

I would like to thank you for adding this weapon into the game. Personally I didn't enjoy any of your ranged weapon in the endgame / sorties / kuva lich missions. And the reason is simple. I really like high damage numbers and fast clearspeed and simply ranged weapons couldn't compete with a melee weapons in terms of damage and clearspeed potential ... Until now ... This weapon is so much fun to use and finally .. FINALLY : - )  there is a ranged weapon with AoE effect comparable to a melee weapon damage. I hope you will keep it's stats as it is and you will nerf only riven disposition in the futre. Because it doesn't need a riven to be able to play comfortably even in level 5 Kuva Lich maps. Huraaay some fun again 🙂

So many thanks for that. Now you have delivered a true gift to a melee player since 2016.

Looking forward to see some other beasts in the futre to have fun with.

Thank you.

(For NaySayers: Stop crying about self damage and learn how to use it. And stop crying about the damage being OP because it's not compared to a properly builded melee. Cheers!)

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I had struggled to find a Primary i would use as my main Weapon but Bramma made me do that. Even though it got self damage, fast Arrow drop, and low Accuracy, it performs like a powerhouse and got a wide AOE with Bomblets that proc Hunter Munitions and other Status procs which is nice for if you want to use it in 2 Hours Survival or more. The lack of Cautious Shot don’t bother me really, i even use Kuva Ogris with Firestorm and no Cautious Shot.

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On 2020-02-07 at 7:27 PM, Ofeban said:

legitimately cannot stand to play with sound on

well, play warframe for years with the game sounds muted. i rather listen to music while playing - with some exceptions made for new contend (for a while at least) and ofc the silly lua rescue missions that rather needs to have the sound on, else you might not find the prisoner in time... but yeah, the sound of this 'little' gem is a bit loud - even though it mirrors its damage pretty well too ^^)

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