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About Puncture and Magnetic Damage


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So far few can argue all the different damage type puncture and magnetic(and impact in some extend but the issue would fall under magnetic) damage are the less useful.

FIRST about magnetic and Impact:

Thinking about it since a while and I think the main issue about magnetic isn't it's status but the way status apply... Status effect procing on shield damage still apply itself to health!!

thus defying the very purpose of the shield.

Bleed, Burn, Toxin, viral, Corrosion, all those status should only apply once the shield is down otherwise people will just keep on building those and ignore magnetic/impact damage which primary purpose are to down the shield afap.

So if the shield would make the target immune to Status proc of: Slash, Puncture, Impact, Heat(not gas), Toxin, electric(stun), Radiation, Viral and Corrosion; that would make magnetic and impact more useful since those have increased damage on shield.

Electric Tesla arc status would still proc on shield damage;

Gas proc would still apply toxin dot on shield damage, becoming the improved version of toxin to bypass the shield;

Blast would still proc on shield, becoming the improved version of impact, in some extend, to bypass shield;

and cold, well since cold got increased damage vs shield and I don't see how a shield would prevent cold status.(see in post scriptum for reasoning)

This way Magnetic, Cold and Impact would get some major necessity vs Shielded enemies.


SECOND about puncture:

the Status effect of Puncture is pretty pointless, weak compared to Slash, but if the status effect of Puncture would be to ignore armor?

I think that would bring back puncture as an anti-grineer damage type.

To clarify it would still get increased damage vs Armored enemies but status effect would make the puncture damage to ignore the armor reduction, so a 100% status puncture weapon would become really more useful vs grineer in endless vs grineer, since most of the difficulty come from the armor reduction.




P.S.: about cold damage status effect.

Cold isn't something by itself, it's an absence of heat, cold damage would in my mind reduce temperature drastically to drain heat from surrounding, thus technically it's not the cold damage that are entering the shield but the heat from within the shield which is exiting it; and since the shield seams to prevent only things from entering not the opposite, it make sense that cold status would still aply on shield damage.

About Gas, it place toxin in the air and I don't see why shield would prevent air circulation, as for Viral and toxin technically, most of the time those damage type are on a projectile, dart, bullet or such and require a health damage to apply their effect.

OF COURSE some weapons would require some adjustement, as the Ignis built with let said cold and toxin = Blast and toxin, so here the toxin damage is applied throught a gas spray from the ignis so technically the ignis should always apply toxin, corosive and viral status even if damaging shield.

(personnally I hate the idea of Ignis killing every things but all allies, personnaly I wish the Ignis would had a Friendly Fire On effect on, well I think that all AoE should have Friendly Fire ON, as much as self-damage is enabled; It's understandable to not have friendly fire on direct projectile damage, but not on the AoE.

Making that would still bring so much anger from some players but you would see those weapon fall from use in group, they would still remain quite usefull in solo play, and it's actually the very reason one should take such weapon, still that would enforce the use of secondary weapons also. BUT THAT'S NOT the topic of this post.

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