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Converted Liches ideas


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This is a short post proposing an idea that came to mind while playing.

As up now, we don't have any way of interacting with converted liches in any whay exept:

  • Selling them.
  • Meeting them in random events during missions.

I thought, "Could there be any way to incentivize players to convert the liches?" and i came up with a couple of ideas.

  1. We should be able to summon liches or equip em as straight up companions.
  2. Liches could be modded or modifyed in some way.
  3. (also the lich crew for railjack)
  4. The lich should be able to revive the player if downed.
  5. It should be possible to see the liches heath barr more clearly (like a companion)

any one of the above alone would be a great improovement (also sorry for typos i'm not a english speaker)

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