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Repeated crashes in Railjack Veil


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So I got the latest update last night.  When the sentient anomaly popped up, I was finally able to get into it again!.  Loaded in, investigated the the anomaly first, then started doing the normal mission.

With 86/90 fighters and 5/6 crewships done, I was destroying the reactor on the last crewship when the game crashed. I boarded, Mesmer Skinned, killed reactor, was meleeing a few guys while the reactor counted down.  I don't know if it crashed when the reactor reached zero or not, but it was close to it, so maybe thats related.

Did some free flights to fix issues with controls (thanks for the motion control support!).

Did another Veil mission, crashed again in almost identical circumstances.


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Took a couple week break from Railjack, but played some more last weekend.  Had the same crash again Saturday night.  Veil Gain Point, all fighters killed, 5/6 crewships down.  I was taking out the last crewship using the same scenario as the first post. When the reactor reached exactly zero (confirmed), the game crashed.  I was host, so I'm sure everyone in the squad was frustrated to say the least.  It was a random pub squad, so I have no idea if they were able to finish or not.

2 or so prior runs on Gian Point were fine.

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