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Railjack Bugs and Much More!


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Since this hotfix almost nothing has changed only one bug has been fixed in railjack which was the extraction screenlock all the same bugs still persist over it's like you lied to us and just wanted to get the nerfs in,

  1. Railjack randomly goes invisible texture completely gone can only see the energy from the arcsling
  2. Arcsling instead of firing you out puts you in arcwing & you go invisible stuck in slingshot
  3. Arcsling shot will switch from returning to railjack with square to enter or exit railjack hence making you exit the railjack from slingshot going into arcwing without firing.
  4. Cockpit and turrets randomly put you back in immediately after pressing square to leave them.
  5. Crewships fire backwards through their ship instead of turning around to shoot at you
  6. Revenant's enthrall ability on raiders that enter railjack does not stop their movement priorities. This means they don't follow Revenant and still make their way to the cockpit like they are trying to destroy the ship.
  7. Wormhole loading screen still gets stuck randomly requiring players to leave in order to fix the stuck loading screen.
  8. Switching to overhead top camera of railjack then exiting the cockpit gets the camera stuck requiring you to switch to operator and back to fix.
  9. When exiting a crewship textures glitch out jets flames go out of position the bottom of the platform you jump off of turns into a big black square.
  10. After all gunners are dead in a crewship the crewship still fires at the railjack with nobody on the guns.
  11. Crafting from the forge occasionally gets stuck and you can't get out of the ui window.
  12. Benevolent Decoy from Amesha Arcwing  does not fully block all projectiles on railjack missions. Projectiles still go through the decoy and hit you anyways
  13. Controller scheme is messed up and resetting to default does not assign all buttons and ability menu is not an assignable option to other buttons forcing it to be on R1.
  14. Sabotage Missile Platform mission the door to the core glitches out and the door opens but you can't walk through it.
  15. Toxic weapons do not confuse enemies as stated.


  • Miscellaneous Bugs
  1. Wisp movement animation is not on the arcgun! DE you said you finally took care of her movement animation on primary, secondary, and melee. How could you forget the heavygun/arcgun?
  2. Djinn's Sacrifice mod only works if you are solo if you are with a squad Djinn will not attempt to kill himself to revive you


  • Suggested Changes
  • Add a feature to kick someone off you're cockpit chair,

(It's annoying when you're halfway through a mission solo and matchmaking finally decides to load someone in when the mission is almost over and as you're repairing the ship the random who joins in jumps in the cockpit seat and won't get off. It's my ship as captain I should not have to barter or ask someone to get out of my chair.)

  • Railjack lights on the exterior and the energy from the slingshot should be customizable.
  • Railjack turrets & munitions should be customizable in colors
  • Venari eyes should be customizable with color change.
  • Arcgun should be usable in arcwings in the plains of eidolon & fortuna
  • Dodging projectiles in railjack missions via arcwing needs to be adjusted the way fighter ships can hit you is unbalanced and shows that there is no dodge possibility even with barrel rolls and teleporting you can get hit mid teleport. Crewships shoot from behind when the guns are in the front through the body of itself.
  • If you shoot the jets on a crewship the ship should not be able to move at all but the ship still turns and moves around when the jets are out this needs to be adjusted accordingly,
  • Collision with railjack and crewships should be there. The fact that you can fly a crewship inside the railjack and vice versa just make things wonky.




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