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Warframe Quivora the mirror queen fan made concept art


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I am presenting one of my best war paintings that I have ever invented the Quivora warframe. I'm a big fan of the Warframe franchise and one day I heard that the warframe has pictures made by fans that inspired me to create a
I hope DIGITAL EXTREMES is a great game company and I am a fan of it. See my conceptual art and enjoy and implement in the game it will be a dream come true

Disclaimer: Quivora is a conceptual art, a project of mine that I ask the DE to put in the game, it has works of art and written by the creator JhonnCHROMA, sorry if some words are informal I will try to write as formal as possible and I also apologize for the the poor quality of the artworks i don't have computers and design technology just a pen, some papers for the artworks and a simple cell phone to take pictures of the artworks

QUIVORA DESIGN VISUALwarframe_quivora_by_jhonnchroma_ddpy8ll-82857413_982102968837530_548245669026988


I created a very suitable design to make Quivora incredible and easily interpretable in the Warframe universe. I'm had many other ideas for her Quivora, but i'm preferred this design and features that she is inspired by a queen and still manipulates and dominates mirrors. I also designed your skills and also drawings of your mirrors


--> Quivora's mirrors design84075420_982123408835486_801483652115044

-->Mirrors Jumpscare83522671_982123348835492_632062853456592

--> Quivora's Helmet Desing 82117131_982123312168829_323861321760112

-->Quivora's Hands Detail82520528_982123395502154_703657626113671


Below are possible suggestions for possible Quivora skills that are more varied abilities that can result from possible combinations to make Quivora defensive, offensive, and widely used.


Suggestions Quivora's Habilities 


Passive -> REFLECTORS: If the QUIVORA suffers damage from hitting and removing the shield it will automatically activate the REFLECTORS which are rotating mirrors that are surrounding its body reflecting attacks such as fire shots and beam shots.83787023_982814535433040_208211569745382


1st -> HELL SHINE: Quivora summons a totem that has a strong light and several small mirrors around the light, that light can burn enemies as they approach82599600_982814628766364_585795054549440


Quivora can also manipulate the course of the HELL SHINE's beam of light a few meters away to activate this mode, just hold the ability's activation button there, she will summon the totem next to her then she can manipulate the beam of light83768695_982814715433022_620879910528037


2nd -> REFLEXS: Quivora launches a reflective wave that steals the reflexes of all enemies making each of them help her in the battle if the skill runs out all enemies that will have the stolen reflexes will die82788811_982814698766357_838795947282320

Reflexs of the enemies 83574333_982814728766354_478659218782552

Quivora can take the reflexes of his allies to aid them this will buff allies, health buff and shield82578019_982814745433019_782638050302754

The Reflexes don't take damage because they have reflect83322183_982814605433033_263531055178527


3rd -> GHOST MIRRORS: Quivora summons terrifying mirrors that scare enemies, if enemies run in fear GHOST MIRRORS will follow, this ability leaves enemies standing in fear so players can finish83514571_982814532099707_760549286473000

Ghost mirrors following and tormenting the enemy83190127_982814615433032_343758125408033

this skill of Quivora's health buff for her and loot as mods energy and resources




4th -->MIRROR WORLD: Quivora opens a portal to mirror where she will enter and there and this ability can stay. It will leave Quivora invulnerable to any type of damage, when she Quivora is going to cause damage, there will appear some port mirrors that are in contact with the dimension of reality. so it can reach anyone83096702_982814548766372_459172871415214


Quivora within MIRROR WORLD82888098_982814678766359_467788804303251

If enemies enter the MIRROR WORLD portal they are going to take damage because MIRROR WORLD changes the atmosphere and leaves microscopic pieces of mirror shards and will give them cutting damage83061251_982814812099679_746200283061891

allies will be able to enter MIRROR WORLD without any problems because Quivora will protect allies from the murderous atmosphere

**what is MIRROR WORLD is a kind of dimension opposite from reality it is a dimension that reflects the original where Quivora can do whatever her wants there





Quivora's Skills are purposefully vague so that they can be interpreted as an idea and not discarded by unwanted statistics so evaluate the skills and see if they are willingly, my intention is that the DE see my work and appreciate the kind of functions health ,shield and armor  for me the DE would know how to do better than me and also others like energy consumption chances of proc and etc.




My dream is for Quivora to be implemented on the warframe I really hope for this successful day for DE and all the fans who are making fan made frames thanks


Edited by (PS4)JhonnCHROMA
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