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Several bugs from today


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1) "Enemy of my enemy - my ally(nope)" or "A little story about how the Lich-Ally decided to fry my a$$"

A simple mission in the captured territory. I mined murmur. Suddenly my lich-ally decided to come. Okay, "Hello buddy". After a few seconds, I began to receive great damage and the status of “cold” and “fire”. At first I thought it was grineer soldiers. But after about 3 seconds, I realized that this is MY LICH attacking with fire columns not only the grineer but also me!  And as if that was not enough - the enemy Lich came too. These two clashed in a duel with each other, and because of this, my sentinel died, and then I too.




And after the end of the mission, this happened -


See this black square? There should be a picture of a sentinel. And his name. (And no. I didn’t do it. It became so after the mission, I just managed to take a screenshot.)


2) "The real Lich never dies! For the queens!"



We killed this guy out (it was my Lich). Well, we thought so. In fact, he didn't want to go anywhere even after the defeat. Stubborn like me.




3) "I'm Sentinel (Bird) madapaka! I'm Sentinel(Bird) ! I fly wherever I want!"

Sentinel, of a normal Tenno -



Sentinel of a Tenno who is connected to bugs. (Bugs with us Luke. We are one with them)




This happens regularly and at any time.

4) Empyrean bug of texture

Occurs in random moments. When you go out to Archwing from Railjack (and back from Arch to Rail). Sometimes the effect persists in the Dojo. Perhaps this is a personal  textures bug of Ivara head (I did not check on other Frames) in Empyrean.



Thanks for attention.

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