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Suggestion : bring back melee ragdoll on slam through a mod.


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I'm really, really missing ragdoll on slam, and I hope I'm not the only one. I was really disappointed when Melee 3.0 came in and wiped almost all ragdoll on slam off warframe, just leaving us with a very limited amount of weapons with that feature, which is not a lot to mess around with. I'm especially missing the ragdoll on slam you could get from Obex or Gram Prime.

Could it be possible to reintroduce ragdoll on slam through a mod ? There's this mod, Seismic Wave, that could be perfect for that : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Seismic_Wave

This would allow us to get ragdoll on slam back but as a purely optional feature. Just equip the mod, have fun, unequip it you feel like you have to chase enemies too much. As simple as that. Also because it would also boost slam attack damage, it wouldn't utterly waste a mod slot. Of course it could also come as a brand new mod.

What do you guys think ?


EDIT : While I am at it, can Kestrel get back its big ragdoll on throw ? It used to be massive and hillarious but it utterly lost that feature. 😞


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