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You Can Accept Larvlings for Teammates


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Haven't done Liches for a long time, thought I'd finally get back into it with the new changes. Not sure why we gave it a chance when updates are always so broken for the first year after release.

Kept getting Larvlings that didn't show what weapon was coming with them, on one of them I was meleeing and it automatically picked it up, now I'm stuck with a Twin Stubba Lich that I don't need.


Went into a second mission with the Mrs to get her a Lich, she killed the Larvling and was far away from me, it didn't show her the weapon either, I walked up to it and my character killed it (even though I already have a Lich active now) and she got another stupid Lich with a weapon she already has.


If you're going to release a buggy system, give us the option to remove Liches we never signed up for in the first place.

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