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Better performance settings [Suggestions]


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Hello, Tenno!
So, i own a mid-low end computer, and i've been playing Warframe on it for the last four months, and i've got to say, the game looks incredibly beautiful, even with the lowest settings.
I usually play with the FPS cap set to 72 fps, and the game runs very well! But even with the lowest settings and even with the FPSs set to 72, i still get lag spikes, and too much lag in some areas.

Now, before you say "Just get a better computer": it is true that if you have bad performance, you should consider an upgrade for your computer, but most people can't afford a gaming computer or a decent desktop PC.
This post aims to suggest more, and better video settings, for a variety of low end users. I watched plenty of videos that covers better performance in Warframe, and people still are getting bad, or slightly bad performance.

So, in this post, i would like to list some settings that could really help low-mid end players to have a boost of performance in their ends. Before we start, i want to point out that, lag can happen, it is normal and common, especially with plenty of elements loaded on the screen.

  • Disable Grass weed, moving leaves and other moving or excessive elements 
    Lately i have saw plenty of posts, that were pointing out that grass decreases a lot the game performance. Personally, in my end, i've been experiencing lag just on Earth and the Plains of Eidolon. Usually, you can experience lag, in the waterfall section, where you can find a waterfall that goes trough two floors. And of course, in the Plains Of Eidolon, which is more obvious, you can experience lag when you have both enemies and grass around you.
    So what i think should, or could be implemented, is an option that let you disable grass, ambiental elements animation, such as leaves. This could help the Warframe performance, since you are disabling grass, so removing elements that are loaded and rendered into the players view.
  • Disable weather particles
    You can usually see weather on Cetus, Plains of Eidolon, and Grineer Shipyard. The weather is aesthetically pretty nice, and adds character to the level, but it may be pretty heavy for the computer to handle. Like grass, an option for disabling the weather could be useful.
  • Disable other players effects during multiplayer
    Its kind of obvious to encounter some lag during multiplayer session, considering you have more people that are doing their own inputs, with their effects. But since you need to focus on your gameplay, there should be an option to disable other players effect, because those could influence the game performance
  • Decrease even more effects
    In this game, the warframes and weapon animations are pretty cool, but a thing that could help the game to run better, is an option to disable attacks effects. For example, the classic in the air, mouse middle click when you are using your melee weapon. That effects is really cool, but sometimes could cause some lag.

So, in the end, these are some settings that could be added to the game to boost the game performance!
Feel free to give your feedback on these options, and tell me how they could be improved!

Thank you for reading this post!

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You are right, and i understand the decision to slowly leave support for potato PCs. I should've called the post "Better performance settings". What i wanted to mean is the fact that there should be a better selection of settings and eventually add these ones. Infact on my end i easily have a stable 72fps, but the lag in some areas like Cetus bother me, and its kinda ridiculous. I still agree with your comment


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27 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

DE will force the new graphics engine to everyone after the preview. Even with those settings your PC can’t handle them once it drops.

I really, really still hope to play the game even after the new graphics engine. If they really want to add them they have to be sure to do them well, because if they develop something too overkill they are gonna lose a lot of players, since their computers can't support the new Graphics.

I personally love this game, and i really don't want to lose the chance to play it because of the new graphics engine. Let's hope for the best 😞

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