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(Railjack) Assorted Art Bugs


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I've had various graphical issues relating to railjack skins/cosmetics, they are as followed:

  • Turret Discolouration/Misalignment:
    • Turrets (Including Munitions) do not reflect the railjack's body colours. Might also not reflect wear&tear (uncertain).
    • Turrets are not realigned when using the Caballero skin. The nose turrets in particular jut out noticably (Tested with Zetki Photor on nose, Zetki Carcinnox on sides).
  • Engine Misalignment:
    • Engines are misaligned when using the Caballero skin. They are lacking the necessary rotation. (Tested with Vidar and Sigma engines)
  • Exterior-from-Interior mismatch:
    • The exterior of the railjack does not reflect its "Wear and Tear" setting when looking at it from inside the railjack.
    • The exterior also does not reflect your railjack's skin when looking at it from the interior; It uses the default skin. (Tested with the Caballero skin)
    • Finally, the exterior does not use your railjack's engine skin, either when looking from the railjack's interior, or looking at it from your orbiter; it uses the default, sigma engine.
  • Swapping railjacks in another person's dojo skin mismatch:
    • When viewing another person's railjack in their dojo, and then going to the railjack panel to view your railjack (Which shows off your railjack, not theirs), then leaving the menu, the colours will revert to the other person's railjack, but not the skin.
    • I.E. Your friend has a default skin, you look at your Caballero railjack, and then when it reverts, your friend appears to have a Caballero railjack--in their colours.
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