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Everytime I Fish either on Venus or Earth the fishing freezes up where it looks like my fishing pole is spinning around and around. I dont have anything running in the back ground of my computer except Steam (of course). The only way the fishing unfreezes is if I alt tab out of game then come back in game. It does this so frequently with me that I hate the fishing aspect of this game. I spend more time Alt tabing out of game due to this than I do fishing. 

The elevator from Fortuna to inside Orb freezes on me for at least 5 minutes everytime. I cannot be by myself or in a squad and go from inside Orb to outside Fortuna. It does the same to me on Earth. Also the elevators on almost all maps have glitched so badly that if you start elevators and job off and fall into hole it spawns you at the top of elevator, vs if you stay on the elevator you actually fall through the elevators. 

I have trouble shot every possible problem on my personal pc end to where I know it is the actual game. Please Dev's fix this issue. Thank you.

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