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For goodness sake add a proper queuing system for Thermia Fractures! Or in try at least try to fix so people coming and going can't ruin all your work on the current session.


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Okay, so now I'm starting to get really annoyed due to how this whole event is handled. I've had multiple runs completely ruined by the randoms you end up grouped with in Orb Vallis. The moment the host leaves all your progress on the coolant you're currently working on resets to zero. Freaking zero! You can be at 3/4 fractures sealed and have that nullified by the damn host leaving. Or for example if you and 1 more player are working the fractures the other 2 can just go to Fortuna and force the 2 of you doing fractures out before you are even finished. Now the last time this happened I ran out of revives since the whole damn thing reset, and my remaining teammate not being particularly experience just stayed and got himself wiped out too despite me urging him to extract and finish.

All I can say is that this whole mess is hair pullingly frustrating, doubly so probably for people who have mental health issues and aren't in the best space mentally.

And yes I'm aware you can ask in general, clan etc. blah blah blah premade.. Yeah, not everybody is quite as comfortable going this route.

So please, I beg you, look at making this a bit more convenient, I like it being a challenge but having my progress ruined by people I have no control over really gets on my nerves very fast.

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