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Host Migration during Invasion


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Have you ever host migrated so hard that you dropped into someone else's mission type (that is very different from the one you were just in), on an entirely different planet?

So I was running the invasion on Selkie, Sedna for the Karak Wraith Barrel. I joined the mission, and was immediately greeted with the oh so wondrous "Host Migration" message. Okay, whatever, right? My connection to other hosts isn't always 100%, especially with all the updates, my computer sometimes struggles to keep up. Cue me waiting for me to get dropped on my own so I can continue to run the mission.

But here's the weird part: Instead of giving me the ship loading screen, and being dropped and solo-ing the rest of the mission; I got dropped into a relic cracking defense mission on Uranus. On wave 20. The guy I dropped in on was just as confused as I was.

So uhhh...did the new AI program just decide I wanted to crack relics instead, or what's up with this, DE? Help a Tenno out.

I'm not mad, just really, really confused.


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