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Kuva Lich: Murmur Grind Still Awful


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Recently, we got a plethora of changes for Kuva Liches, many great ones really. However, the biggest offender (to me) remained untouched: Murmurs. I won't even waste time detailing why this part of the Kuva Lich system is the worst, most tedious, most monotonous and mind-numbing. Yes, you can get Murmurs by attempting different combinations on Liches. Yes, I still think Murmurs are garbage and are killing the fun in this system for me.

Suggestions: Reduce Murmurs required per Requiem by half and be awarded Murmur (equivalent to 10 Thralls) upon completing a Kuva Lich-controlled mission.

Further suggestions:

1. The Larvling showing a preview of the weapon is great! But make it more transparent so we're sure we want to commit: make it show if it will have an Ephemera or not, and also (while minor) make it display the elemental bonus % the weapon will spawn with.

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