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Guardsmen and Nox's may still be getting Thrall-converted...ish?


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I was doing a murmur run on a Rescue mission (Nuovo Ceres) and when the Lich came to play I noticed there were sometimes large lulls in the rate that they converted nearby enemies. I then noticed that there was a Guardsman glowing funny, like a Prosecutor but less vibrant and still labelled Guardsman. Then right before I made the Lich run I saw a Nox with the same glow. Red like a Thrall, also still labelled Nox. I don't know if this is effecting the total number of Thralls that can appear in the mission, but I am fairly certain this is only happening with Lich manual conversions. I did not get any opportunity to mercy kill or any murmurs from killing the glowing enemies.

I'm going to see if I can spot it again and take a screenshot of the glow with the name highlighted, as I didn't think to at the time.

Edit: Added screenshots and fixed saying Guardian instead of Guardsman (I don't know why I called them that)

Screenshot 1: Guardsman labelled normally but with Thrall glow.


Screenshot 2: Caught mid-SECOND conversion. This guy got converted TWICE (did the animation where they struggle and cover their face). Also I noticed the music didn't play when he was "converted" either time.


Edit 2: Playing another mission I noticed the Thrall glow is a blue-red fuzzy aura, so I was wrong about the glow matching. I did, however watch my Lich do the conversion animation AT the above pictured Guardsman and he reacted with the conversion animation. The Guardsman also did not have any glow until the Lich tried to convert him.

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