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Well, This Just Got Interesting


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So last night I was playing a bit of Warframe (as you do), got the Reactor, and decided to run a T2 Defense mission with some of my Clan-mates


Said T2 mission later turned into one of the most intense games I've ever had.


Firstly we go in with pretty minimal gearing, I mean, it's only a T2, right? Who needs Soma, Ogris, Sobek, Acrid and whatever else? Boltor and rank 18 Broncos FTW

Next we just throw together our team composition, two Novas = easymode right?

Then two of the guys started having connection problems


And that is where thing started to get interesting.



Firstly I have to appologise for the stupid mistake I make in wave 14, in my shall I say "excitement" I forgot that SQuake does not stagger flying enemies, which meant that I went down and had the pod get taken to 8%. That was really stupid.


I will say though that I personally think that wave 15 of that match is one of the best bits of gameplay I have produced. And anyone who thinks Banshee is weak should see that. (I'm the most humble person in the world by the way)


But yeah, Two men down, No defense ability, and a Rare mod drop, makes for one of the most intense experiences I have had playing this game. So do you guys have any awesome war stories that you want to share?


Also a shout out to BigDaddyCam, my team-mate. 

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