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Warframe/weapon Slot Overhaul.


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So if you think like a year or 2 down the track there's going to be countless "Prime"/"Vandal"/"Wraith" weapons and frames which means DAYS and DAYS of scroll. So what if DE decided to fix the problem pre-emptively. No I'm not talking about giving anyone anything for free, I'm actually against it. Here's my idea, keep in mind it's just an idea.


So let's use the Braton as an example, we currently have the Braton Mk1, Braton, Braton Vandal and Braton Prime. So what if they made the Vandal, Wraith and Prime alternatives into a more 'skin like item', similar to the current way we have a skin tab with slots that expand every alternative skin you get. 


Now let's imagine that system with weapons and frames, you must purchase the Braton Mk1, so then you can craft a Braton/Braton Prime/Braton Vandal skin(s). Once purchased and ready to claim you must go and make sure/buy another skin slot for that alternative skin (Like you would if you were about to claim a new weapon/frame).


Once you equipped this 'skin' the stats for the Prime/Vandal/Wraith skin are, I guess, 'activated'. This boosts the stats/gives the polarities to what the Prime/Vandal/Wraith skin was given upon release. While this skin is 'active'/equipped you get a fresh set of mod slots and load-outs which you can do whatever you want with as your usual weapons/frames would. 


This would stop having to scroll through like 30-40 frames or 300-400 weapons to find that one you need and would keep the purchases of slots at the normal rate. 


Either way, just an idea. Got any suggestions/see any problems with this system feel free to leave them below.


EDIT: I'd just like to clarify if this doesn't make sense I'll use the excuse that I'm watching a TV series.

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I doubt that would happen for a long time seeing how each weapon warframe ect has a category even so they would have to make enough stuff before a overhaul is a option as they have much more important things to do at the moment.

Yea, I understand not being able to do it for a long time, seeing as though they have things like PS4 release and Armour overhauls. But, it would be nice to see this in the future.

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this isn't a new suggestion. 




currently all of the crazy amounts of gear we have we NEED in order to rank up Mastery. 

i gladly accept more equipment into the pool so players are forced to use equipment they don't like more, and more. then they can rank up their Mastery by playing what they want to play, not what they need to.


ultimately i'd prefer for the Weapons menu to have sub categories to sort and a search function.

both would need to be snappy in response so players can quickly change equipment between matches.

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