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Torment bug


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So found torment on ball europa. I Didn't find him. Somebody else did and I clicked the quest torment. So it brought me to Baal Europa and started fighting torment halfway through the mission and he just disappears. So I was like whatever so I try to finish the mission and the pathway leads me to a enimie behind a room with like a caved-in Windows and a door that doesn't open and there's nowhere else to go. So I had to abort the mission and I tried to restart it and he was no longer on bow Europa under the quest notification bar. Now it says location is unknown. I'm just thinking to myself like what the hell man. So not fair thats not how its supposed to work. So now im just out of the mod drop. Noway de is gunna reimburse me. 


He was already found now hes missing again.and pretty soon will disappear

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