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Boosts active while offline

OK, so I get the purpse of boosts still running out while not online, because obviously you want to motivate the player to play the game more with the boost.
And I perfectly understand this being the case for long boosts like 24 hours and 7 day boosts, I think for some boosts this shouldnt be the case. Or there should be some boosts in the game that are only active while you're actually online in the game, that only last a few hours.

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While I get the gist of what's been asked -- and believe me it's been asked for boosters for years -- only to run while the player is only online; DE has systematically ignored any requests like this to be implemented.  

My only suggestion -- learned from other fellow ancients -- is that for it being added to the daily login to simply be consistent about the times you perform your daily log in to maximize the use of such boosters for your benefit.  

The same for purchases for the 3, 7 and 30 day boosters.  Planning and forethought are required for the longer ones requiring more consistent times to play the game to maximized those boosters while they're active.  

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