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Warframe connectivity problem



From last week I am having lot of connection problems with warframe. If I am host than I see lot of players connecting and than getting disconnected after 30-40 secs. People get disconnected before they appear in game. All I see is "Xyz has joined the squad" and after few secs "Xyz has left the squad".

When i click on node with open squad, than I am stuck for few secs at "Voting for mission" screen. If i get past that, i am again stuck at landing craft screen for about a minute and if at all I can join mission than its extremely laggy and i get disconnected after few mins.

I have good internet with 100 Mbps speed. I was able to connect with other players perfectly before a week. I have not changed any settings in my router and in game. I have Upnp enabled. So please help me. Because i really hate playing solo.


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