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4 revives left, cant use them


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For some unknown reason I can't respawn with my revives when in kuva siphon missions, the game just keeps me spectating the area of my death and the only way to stop it is to abandon mission. 

This does not help when trying to get kuva as you end up losing all rewards, as well as the time you spent trying to complete the mission which is then just wasted. 

I hope this can be fixed as this is now the 3rd mission in a row for this to happen. 

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I was about to open a thread to report this. 

This is happening with me and with another colleague. Both playing solo or in a squad. And this is really frustrating, mainly on long missions, like survivor and similar. This must be investigate, because it is running the fun.


But for me is happening in all sort of missions, Archwings, Fortuna, Void, Neptune, Pluto, to name a few places it happened.

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