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[Suggestion] Replace Stamina With Superhuman Stamina!


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So DE has been trying to make stamina more relevant to gameplay, but it has apparently backfired. Stamina should not limit our mobility or act as a detriment; so instead why not change stamina to be a buff in a way which illustrates the superhuman nature of our Warframes?


By having stamina as a form of buff, it'll make stamina valuable to have, as opposed to a meter which determines when to stop sprinting.



Sprinting at full stamina should give a sprint speed boost, the benefit decreases with stamina; once stamina runs out, sprinting falls to normal sprint speed. Stamina does not recover until the player stops sprinting. Wall runs should not be affected, as it may be a detriment when the launches might end up being too far.


Sliding and being in the air cuts the stamina recovery rate.


This might encourage rushing even more though.



Regular melee attacks at full stamina should have some damage multiplier which is affected by stamina remaining, there’s currently a stamina cost with each swing. Might make mods like Second Wind more beneficial.


The above is all I can come up with for now, but they're just ideas on how I think stamina could act as a buff in Warframe. Thoughts? 

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I like the idea of reducing the base amount of speed slightly, but adding a bonus for having full/nearly full stamina.


Would make the stamina bar actually do something besides make people learn how to slide earlier.

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