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Acolyte event needs rework


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It's bad enough that once someone finally does find the acolyte, it's usually only in that place for 3-4 missions before it moves on and you're stuck milling around a level with a bunch of antsy people waiting for the thing to spawn, but then it's a 10-15 minute lull before we finally find it again and get another crack at the rewards.


To improve this, I would suggest a couple of minor changes:

1. Increase the "health pool" so it stays in a spot longer than 10-15 minutes.

2. Add some sort of notification at the start of the mission so you know if it's there. We've wasted 5+ minutes meandering through every nook and cranny on a Jupiter tile-set thinking it was just hiding from us, only to finally give up and see that it moved on once we were back at the star chart.


Please DE, it's actually kinda cool to have a reason to go back through missions I only played through once for progression, but after 3+ hours of this nonsense and STILL no rare mod, it's getting old.

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