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Metallic Color Palette


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We've all been there - trying to find a perfect gold, yet always falling short and having to settle for something "good enough." And most nobody likes good enough. The market for a metallic color palette - one with golds (yellow, rose, white), silvers, and bronze. Heck, you could even make one for each and sell them separately, while benefiting players with more choice within each palette. I truly believe this is necessary for the endgame, which we all know is FF. 

- On a sidenote, I have been struggling since the beginning to find a proper purple, and many of my clanmates are going through the same issue. Please, DE, implement a purple color palette, with deep violets, indigos, true purples, light purples, etc. The issue many people have is not having a true purple, deep true purple, and deep violet. This would be amazing. I hope you'd consider my suggestions, as I believe it can be very profitable for you and greatly beneficial to us players. Thanks bunches for your time, now off to continue to farm for a vengeful trickster ephemera to complete more FF goals!

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6 hours ago, rapt0rman said:

They've said they'd consider it.

But it would require yet another complete overhaul of the texture/color system which they still haven't finished overhauling since they started converting textures to PBR 5 years ago.

Thanks for letting me know. Rip, but at least when it happens, it'll look great.

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