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Item Pickup Feed: Problem And Solution


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My clannies and I agree that the pickup messages need a major revamp.


Instead of having incredible message spam that prevents you from seeing anything (did I get the blueprint? did I get the blueprint? I know my rifle ammo is full, darn it!) until you find a patch of ground with no energy/health/ammo, there has to be some major changes to make it easier to see.



1. Don't show the "______ full" messages for ammo types that you don't use. If I'm holding a rifle and I don't have ammo mutation, I couldn't care any less about the shotgun or sniper ammo on the ground. 

2. (Optional) Don't show the "______ full" messages at all. I know my max energy, health, and ammo, so I don't need an annoying message to tell me that 540 rifle rounds is the most I can hold. If this poses a problem for beginners (which it honestly shouldn't), there can be some cue instead to show you have max energy/health/ammo, like a slight glow/bulge in the maxed out number.

3. Have a vertical feed scrolling like an FPS game's kill feed; either direction is fine, but upwards would be more natural. Instead of showing "+x rifle ammo," pausing a little, and showing "+x plastids," it should show the "+x rifle ammo" first; upon picking up the plastids, the "+x rifle ammo" message should pushed up by the now-present "+x plastids" message; every additional message should continue to push the list upwards. Each message should expire after ~3 seconds. Every time more of the resource/item/ammo/credits is picked up, that item's message should bulge and refresh for the total value while staying in its location on the item feed and its expiry counter should reset (and if something below it expires, it should be bumped down). This will not be problematic in terms of space. The most anyone could ever pick up at a single time is credits, primary ammo, secondary ammo, mutated ammo, each of the 4 resources on the planet, a blueprint, energy, health, a nav coord, affinity, and an orokin cell from a random stalker. The likelyhood of more than 4-5 items stacking in the item feed is very slim, since most pickups in a single sitting are limited to one ammo type, 2 or 3 resources, and energy or health. In the unlikely case that it stacks to an uncomfortable number, there could be a cap (at maybe 4-6 messages, depending on how long each message lasts) and all other messages must be cued and must wait for any current message to expire.


The vertical feed could also be off to the left/right side and scroll downwards instead. Putting it off to the side will allow for a higher number of messages the feed can hold, since it doesn't obscure the bottom of the center.


Problems that it would solve:

-It is extremely difficult to see what you pick up when walking across floors that are dense with ammo (defense, mobile defense). The message keeps spamming that your x ammo is full, which is completely trivial compared to the resource you picked up. The problem only gets worse as the game progresses and ammo accumulates, forcing you to consciously seek a place without drops to see what you've picked up. By omitting the full messages (unless you really aren't full) and showing multiple resource messages, you can easily keep track of all your pickups instantly even on top of piles of ammo. 

-It takes time to see what you've picked up. If you pick up energy, ammo, credits, a couple resources, some more credits, and a couple more resources, it's not even worthwhile trying to see what you've picked up. If you picked up some things before you pick up a blueprint, there's an agonizingly long wait between picking up the first few items and seeing the actual blueprint message. It would eliminate much of the wait.

-It makes it spam less when you pick up the same few resources in a different order. Picking up some credits now, some credits a second later, some ferrite, some credits, and some ferrite will give you 5 distinct messages; with a stacked and refreshing feed, it will only show 2 constantly changing values.



Any thoughts on revamping the current item feed system in favor of a scrolling feed?

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