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TL:DR; Me and Titania had an out of body experience


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Titania for some reason died or body flopped while stabbing the Kuva Lich. After that, Titania's body couldn't get up or move so I thought I was stuck. But here's the thing... I could go into operator mode and Razorwing and shoot. You think that that solves the problem right? No. When I'm in Razorwing, I'm invisible and Titania's body is still more limp that my peepee rn. Going back to Titania's body leaves me still slumped on the floor, immobile. Funnily enough, I could also open life support and kill tralls.

Did I /unstuck? Of course I did but here I am. It got to the point where I wasn't able to shoot or get out of my ability anymore so I had to leave the mission. Amazing DE 12/10 if 10 was short for 100.


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happened to me as well a couple times now and i'm still not sure how exactly. it's not limited to Titania, anyway. feels like the backbreaker after a failed Lich stab wasn't cleanly patched out and still occurs sometimes, in a broken way. you can still move and everything, as seen on the minimap, but the camera remains stuck on your pseudo-dead frame. finishing the mission as Operator is the only solution

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