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Ivara Prime "Prowl" Starlight FX Color Issue


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So, I’m not entirely sure this is actually a bug, but I think something is up with Ivara Prime’s Prowl effect, specifically the energy colors it uses. 

My Ivara Prime has been forma’d, so both her energy color options are open. However, while all her other abilities use and reflect both energy color selections, Prowl seems to be completely ignoring the left-hand energy color selection in favor of the default pink -- as a result, the starlight pattern on Ivara's Prowl effect is entirely pink. If the "left" energy color selection is making it in at all, it's nearly impossible to make out.

If this isn't a bug, I do hope this is something that can be tweaked or adjusted to be less visible, or clash less, I guess? I always liked being able to put vanilla Ivara in semi-full invisibility mode, and the fact that I can't change this at all is driving me crazy. 

Screencaps under the spoiler:



Black + Black Energy


Blue + something. I don't remember what the "left" energy color was for this picture, but it wasn't pink. ^^;


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