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Moved from xbox to pc master race



So I've moved from console to pc,I got as far as Saturn in console before taking a 5 month long break after receiving my pc and now I decided to redownload warframe

How do I efficiently and quickly climb up the planets to the place where I left off,because I feel like the way I might try to grind story and gear,etc, will be too slo

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Don't rush with grind, it'll only burn you out. Saturn isn't really that far into the game story wise or progress wise (there is A LOT after it).

But if you are looking for efficiency:

1. join a guild, this way you have people to play with and help grind with you

2. get rhino asap as he trivialises content up to Saturn where he starts falling off, due to enemy damage, if you don't know how to parkour and mod mod properly.

3. get Hek, it is arguably the strongest starting weapon you can get damage wise, outside of zaws. If you have time try and get a zaw as well.

And that's really all there is to rush to where you were efficiently. Just remember to slow down once you reach where you were otherwise you will most likely burn yourself out.

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