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Mag's Magnetize not working as intended with Kuva Bramma

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Yeah, I just noticed this too, it's like the bubble is deflecting the projectile. I tried it with the Zarr and it works just fine.

Also, another bug with the Bramma is this glowing thing appearing on the left side when you charge the bow. I suppose it's the new effect added to the bows when charging but the one on the Bramma is a little misplaced?




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I've encountered the bug yesterday and actually logged onto the forums to report on it just now.

From what I've been able to test the Bramma arrow will get launched straight up independent of the map or size of Mag's bubble (got consistent fire-work simulation throughout leveling Mag).

What I find kinda interesting is that when testing on the Plains, it seems that the arrows want to get on the vertical axis of the bubble instead of somehow the general behavior being inverted - ie when shooting magnetized Tusk Dargyns from below, I was reliably able to score direct hits.

Another thing I've witnessed (but sadly couldn't capture nor reliably replicate) was that the arrows from multishot flew up a meter or two before suddenly forking in a 90° angle and continue flying in the horizontally. It happened after I confirmed for myself that the arrows wanted to go to space instead to the squishy heads of my enemies, so I tried aiming to the bottom edge of the bubble to hopefully manually put said head into the trajectory. It didn't work and instead I had the forking happen. As mentioned above, I sadly haven't been able to replicate it reliably.

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When i recorded my "Kuva Bramma vs. lvl 170 Exo Gokstad Officers" Video, there was a time where i recorded Bramma's Arrow shooting upwards from Mag's Magnetize. Only detonating the Explosion manually at the top of the Bubble works since the Bomblets gets swirled around the Bubble like how they should.

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