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Can we have a non-primed regulator skin for the regulator prime?


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I started to use the non-primed skin on my mesa prime (as a nostalgia trip), and I really like the concept of mesa using her thumbs as the hammer mechanism for her regulators (finger guns pew pew). But I can't use the non-primed skin on my regulator prime. So is it possible for the regulators prime to have a non-primed version of the regulators?

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As far as I can tell, the Prime skin still does the hammer mechanism thing but very subtly, while the Deluxe omits it entirely. That's why she still has visibly metal thumbs.

But yeah, this bugged me a lot. The Regulators Prime also holster further forward on her arms than the non-Prime I think, to make the handles mount at her wrists. It's very strange not to have the option to fully duplicate her non-Prime appearance.

Active abilities are another thing entirely, and there's obviously no way to change that back. Admittedly, that'd be cool - I do prefer Nova's abilities in their non-Prime look.

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Interestingly, the Prime version can use the Deluxe Regulator skin.

That's the only reason why i don't consider buying the Deluxe for plat a waste since the Prime. (which is just a better, more detailed Deluxe)

The Deluxe variants look much better.

But as for the regular variant default, it would make sense to make it compatible when all the other variants already are.

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