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Idea for a new Warframe. Buckle up cuz it's a long one.


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Idea for a new Warframe. So, we have tanks(rhino, inaros, wukong) we have healers(trinity, and Oberon) cc frames(Loki, excal, equinox, saryn) and many other frames that fill those roles and many other roles. I'm proposing a frame specced for defense.


Name: phalanx








"When the sentients attacked, phalanx was the last to retreat"


Passive: when phalanx is solo, equipped pet/robot gets +50 armor. When in a fireteam all members get +100 armor.( Reason being phalanx is a frame who leans more towards team support and protection so there should be a passive reason to play with other people or pets.)


First skill:"phalanx defence" exalted weapon. Phalanx pulls the shield off of his back and slams it down in front of him causing a shockwave dealing a wave of knockdown force. Shield starts with base health/shields of 500 and gets 2000 at rank 3.


Armor scales in lvls of 50 per every 50% strength added. So at 100% strength phalanx defence has 100 armor at 200% it has 200 and so on. Once cast the shield emits a stun every 5 seconds, stacks with duration going up in increments of 2 seconds per 50% duration added. Recasting this ability will put the shield back on his back. (For this one the "exalted weapon" portion will be in his fourth skill)


Second skill: "tough as nails" phalanx sacrifices his armor to boost weapon damage for his allies by 20% every 200 armor that was lost in cast. Lasts 10 seconds unaffected by duration. Duration  affects how fast his armor comes back after pressing the cast button with a base of 50 armor a second at 100% duration.(this ability makes him more than just an armor support frame, kinda like hyldryn has her balefire charger as well as shield buffing abilities.)


Third skill: "plate carrier" phalanx sacrifices his shields, converting half of them into armor for everyone in the squad. Only affected by the ammount of shields on phalanx. Armor bonus lasts for 20 seconds at base and stacks by 5 seconds for every 50% duration added. (Does not affect his twos armor value as this stacks on top of base armor but is not added to it. This is primarily so you can cast his two then his three to keep your survivability from going through the floor when you lose the armor on his two.)


Ultimate ability: "I am the wall" channeled ability. when cast while standing near "phalanx defense" phalanx picks up the shield and it becomes mobile with him. He can still Sprint and jump he just can not slide or bullet jump while in this form. He is also locked to using his secondary(in the case of a double secondary it works like a mobile defence computer core does. One half does the damage of both.)

While in this form the health/armor/shield values still apply and if he takes any sort of frontal damage, the damage goes to the shields health not his. This form is also the exalted weapon form but instead of weapon mods it takes Warframe mods like vitality/steel charge/adaptation. The trade-off for this ability having much higher health and damage reduction is only being able to use secondary weapons. All abilities can still be cast while in this form minus his first. this ability is channeled and when recast the shield is put back down on the ground.

I also posted this on the Reddit. 

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This idea is quite short. The warframe seems like a second comming of chorma , a warframe that only has buffs as usefull skill.

Both his 1 and 4 seems like worse versions of volt shield. The 1 is wose than a eletric shield because the eletric shields has unlimeited HP and boost damage as well. The 4 is a worse version of picking up volts shield because once again volts shield has unlimeted up and boost damaga and on top of that it has a smaller mobility restriction. Considering that the shield seens like a major part of his desing , the shield related skill should be the best ones.

The 2 and 3 are intereating implementation of common buff. His 2 is a way better roar on low duration. His 3 sacrifices shields armor , unfortunately armor is way better than shields so the whole theme of trade of does not work. To be fair this is not a fault of your desing it a fault of the game's desing of having a useless defensive stat. 

There is the interesting decision of using your 2 and than 3 to get a resonable damage boost and a solid defense or use the 3 and than the 2 for ultimate offense but have toughness of a Loki.

At last ,  the base stats don't fallow the standars scaling in warframe.

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