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Keyboard Layout Option For PS4 Under Options/Controls


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Just as the title says.

Any chance we could have a Customize Keyboard option under the Controls menu? The reason being, not all the functions translate on a PS4 the way a PC has the commands laid out on keyboard.


Using the chat, you still have to trigger the Square button to bring up the typing interface. There should be a way to key bind that function on a keyboard so the controller becomes completely unnecessary, which will streamline things and not break immersion as much.

This game feels (subjectively, here, I know) as though it was made for a keyboard/mouse combo, and adding a keyboard layout menu would complete it without much fuss or requiring reinventing the figurative UI wheel. And it would be subtle and not intrusive, to boot. I'm sure there are other examples as well, but you get the idea.

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Thank you TwoWolves for posting this. I wish I would have found this post before I bought a keyboard and mouse. The square button thing is really annoying and is counter productive to the purpose of having mouse and keyboard when you still have to use a controller to initialize chat. DE could we get a little more support here? I know we are a minority here and many people hate the idea of supporting Mouse and Keyboard but some of us want it. 🤓

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