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new pvp mod/mission pls! (similar to natural selection)


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warframe need neew pvp/mod mission something like natural selection (half life mod) where u can play some thing like 4v4 or more with help of NPCs (bots)ofc there need to be upgrade options like put turets or mines on some places and fortify defence some kind of base vs base pvp where will be main point to destroy enemy base some thing like dota 2 game play but it will be mostly similar to natural selection. curent pvp isnot mind kind pvp is more like luck/reflex kind. but this wont be pure pvp is more like pvp/pve game play but that would be much interesting kind of pvp than curent. for example i would put all pve factions as cooperative options infested would be hawe regenerative base (main object) but weaker npcs. grinier bould hawe more armor on base and objets in base like turets or some kind guns corpus would be hawe inteligent npcs ,corupted  would get more resurces per point of time. ofc resurces would be obtaineble by kiling enemis monsters (mobs npcs) and some objects in baze would generate resurces or even puts some in game resurces like fieldrones or mutagen sample or detonite ampule  on stakes like when u play index for credit and u put 50k on stakes. my english is not so good but i hope that who read this can get point xD.


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