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Updated Cali concept, who wield an exalted scythe and wields Mystic Mist abilities.


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I was going to take the other post I made down, but I wanted something that people could compare to. If it’s not allowed to have two similar posts then I’ll remove the first one.

Abilities- passive: Deep Mist: Cali draws strength from the mist, repairing herself depending on how high her connection is, ability use and kills deepen the connection granting a maximum of 1.5% of health regeneration. Abilities grant 10% percent while kills grant 1% to her meter on use or kill. Passively generates 1% per second to meter.

1. Deep Breath: channeled, Cali breaths in the mist, draining her meter by 2% each second. While breathing the mist, Cali gains a small boost to movement and a greater boost to armor, increases movement by 20% and armor by 80% Enemies killed during the ability grant 5 health to allies in affinity range and a small dmg boost to Cali up to 15% maximum, scaled off strength. Hold to deactivate  and suddenly exhale, stunning enemies and slowing their attacks in a area of 6/9/12 meters while depleting the meter by 10%. Tap to deactivate normally.

Cast cost: 5% of meter.

I changed the drain from 5 to 2%. Felt it was too taxing for a ability such as that. It doesn’t drain energy as I felt you having to juggle the meter to maintain her passive and 1 was enough of a energy tax because of casting so many abilities. The time to hold to exhale it is the same duration as to charge Nezha’s throw.

Raised armor increase.


Augment: Rebreather
Gali grants allies half of her bonus when she is within 50 meters.

Ability 2: Choke:
Cali charges enemies with Mist in a area of 5/10/15 meters, spread from the enemy casted on and chokes the affected enemies for 10/15/20 seconds Enemies take increased dmg from status effects and have a 50% higher chance to be placed under a status effect. Enemies killed give 2 energy and if killed by her scythe, enemies give 1% of health as well. Enemies receive 30% more damage from melee attacks.  Adds Mist to the meter. If she uses her Deep Breath exhale while her Choke is active, she releases the same Choke burst around her regardless of how far away it is and drain of exhale is only 5%.
Augment: Choke point: Cali’s target now generates Mist continuously in a smaller area. Kills in the area increase status chance by 10% for 12 seconds. 

Cost: 25

A bit of an explanation: the status chance is a 50% status chance for them to be affected that is combined with BASE status chance. Say if you have a weapon with 20% status, the weapon now has 70% chance to apply status without counting mods. This is why her exalted has low status. It is also her cc and way of prepping so the lost cost is needed. She needs a tool to weaken enemies for her scythe and also a ability to help clean up with. I added synergy with her 1 to help with situations where she can’t use it on everyone. It can be recasted while it is already active and spammed. 

Ability 3: Mist Burst: Cali expels Mist for 10/15/20 seconds, granting status immunity and 6/8/10 hp/s heath regeneration for a short time. Kills extend the duration by 1 second and grant a dmg reduction upward to 80% that decreases over time after the ability ends. Cali is also swifter on the ground and movement charges the meter by .2% per meter.  Adds Mist to the meter.
Augment: Reflective Mist, Cali reflects damage dealt by status when she casts Mist Burst, dealing it to enemies instead. Status duration is increased by 50%.

Cost: 50

Note: all stats are affected by duration and strength. The hp generation cannot exceed 20hp/s Cali has several sources to regain hp from and I feel like it’d be a poor decision to have it go any higher. She cannot exceed her duration through killing to increase duration. It’ll prevent the timer from exceeding unmodded/modded capacity. If you kill a group of 4 enemies with the clock at 19, you’ll only add 1 second. 


Ability 4: Mystic Scythe: Cali draws from the Mist to summon her scythe. Draining 2.5 energy per second and 1% from the Mist Meter. The scythe features:

Augment: Swift Mist, Cali gains speed for every kill with her Scythe, up to 40% 

Cost: 35

1.10 attack speed

240 slash

20 impact 

20 puncture

35% Critical Chance 

2.8x Critical Damage. 

4 meter range 

18% status. 

The combos are quick and agile, able to allow Cali to move over the battle while swinging her scythe. The scythe is also as long as a great sword or y’know, a actual scythe. 

Each kill grants Cali 15 hp. When used with her 2 she deals heavier critical dmg of 40% to the enemies and the dmg bonus from melee is increased by 35%. 

I increased damage as I felt it was lackluster for an exalted weapon and has to compete with other weapons. Critical dmg got bumped a little bit while I left status as is because with her 2, it has 68% status chance on enemies under the effects of Choke.

Cali is best used as a offensive tank who moves swiftly to compromise enemies and dispatch them.

Cali’s stats:

150 health ( 400 max)

0 shields 

200 armor (300 max)

Armor increased to better help her 1

1.10 sprint speed

100 energy (150 max) 


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