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In mission transmission feedback


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No, not feedback in the screechy mic sense. 

Just feedback in regards to the audio clutter in mission. Myself and the boys screwing around in RJ missions have come to the conclusions that Cy, in his infinite attempts to be helpful, eventually just ends up spraying outdated message after outdated message. Since DE were talking about UI changes, is it possible to have some toggle options for Cy in regards to what audio plays at all? 


On earth, when people are are learning RJ, it probably doesn't hurt to have everything on by default, but once saturn hits, i dont really need him telling me to put fires out or fix the shields. 

Cy, please be quiet about the fires, i have a button i can hit that makes 6 of them go away at once. I don't care, and certainly don't want to hear about it. What i do want to hear is RAMSLED LAUNCH DETECTED. 

So, in short, can we have a series of checkboxes that allow us to choose which of Cy's statements play in mission? Its possible to accrue a huge backlog of them, and then the ones we want to hear don't play until its too late. One for crewships, one for fires, one for electrical/shields, one for boarders present, one for boarders neutralised, one for ramsled launch etc? 

I would expect the Tenno to be able to have this discussion with Cy and have them help streamline his approach to assisting the mission. 


Also regarding transmissions : it was great when we got the "be quiet ordis+lotus" button and sliders, but it sucks to have to turn them up for quests and unique dialog situations (it also sucks if we forget and miss something important because they're still muted), but then have to go turn them down again for normal missions. Can those somehow be separated? Instead of having ordis and lotus always quiet, can we have separate sliders for quest vs generic mobile defence? 


EDIT: oops, occurs to me this should have been in feedback. 

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