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Plains of Eidolon Bounty Bugs


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Yesterday and today I resumed bounties in PoE after recently reaching the rank of Kin and hoping that was the end of it. I saw all the annoying bugs you stated you fixed in the update notes, so I thought it wouldn't be as hellish of an experience as it was before. It was WORSE, I don't know what you fixed... But evrything that could go wrong went wrong, I think I experienced every bug you said you fixed. Drones got stuck, capture targets invincible, capture targets "escaped" as soon as they showed up thus failing the bounty instantly, not being able to keep control level above 0% as enemies didn't spawn enough... Cache's being underground (I could see the very top of the cache but it was stuck into terrain just enough so I couldn't interact with it). That being said, and I think I forgot something, I only completed I think 2/11 bounties I attempted. On top of that (this is somewhat unrelated and not in anyway your fault). I was so eager to finally apply the arcanes I bought with standing after all that, and accidentily made a second Exodia Hunt rank 1, therefore wasting 20k standing on an arcane I can never use. I feel we should be able to break them apart, or fuse ranked ones into others to rank them up... I'm just very upset that all that time was wasted... Probably should have left this for suggestion forums. Thank you for reading this... Please fix these, or return them to the way they were before, it was a lot less frustrating. 

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