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Disruption mission score tracking doesn't work properly.


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So in Disruption missions if you go to the leaderboards, you can see it's tracked by number of points however while in a disruption mission, you can't see how many points you got. 
In a mission you can only see the number of rounds while in the leaderboards section, you can not see the number of rounds it took them to get those points or how long it took them.

I'm trying to do a clan event, around disruption with certain restrictions and the diference in stat tracking between leaderboards and in mission stats is making it a lot harder than it needs to be.
Someone can take screenshots of a normal run then do another run not obeying the restrictions and get a higher score. Using the screenshots of the normal run that has no stats matching the leaderboards. they can claim that the score done by "cheating" is legit. This is forcing me to have my clan mates take multiple screenshots/video recording to allow their runs to stand.

I also feel like whoever gets top 16, the gear used for those runs, should appear for all to see (frames and weapons), when you click on the players names. 
Would actually allow for clans to create ingame events with certain frame/weapon restrictions and prevent people from "cheating" it. Helping us create something fun to do.

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I'm an agreement that having more visibility for everyone on what the high scorers used in their runs would be beneficial, especially for those who are interested in running the related events themselves and wondering what kind of load outs they should bring--they'd be able to see at a glance what the people who dominated the event used to do so.

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