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Sometimes I can't use my Tactical Avionics


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Sometimes I will try to use one of my Tactical Avionics, which will not be in cooldown state, and it will not let me.  I click it and it makes a dull sound that I recognize as meaning "can't do this".

I don't think this always happens, but generally when it's happening one of my other Tactical Avionics will be in a cooldown state.  In order, I have Intruder Stasis, Breach Quanta, and Void Cloak (all maxed).  Most often I notice this with Void Cloak; I'll try to use it, and Breach Quanta will be in cooldown, and Void Cloak just can't be used.

If I'm doing something wrong, let me know, but my understanding is that Tactical Avionics don't have a resource cost, and they don't share a cooldown, right?  So if there isn't a timer next to my Tactical Avionic that I want to use, I should always be able to use it?

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