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Fix the problem of lost loot by host migration.


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This has happened to me several times but I don't complain because they were short missions, but today it felt like a blow to the little finger.
I took a friend on a mission in Velo Proxima with a sentient anomaly so he can see the Erra's cinematic, and to test my MK III armaments (Carcinnox and Cryophon) because he has almost no time to play and barely managed to reach Saturn. We were almost 1 hour and only one objective was missing to finish the mission and from nowhere he disconnect from the game, he lose everything we got and he didn't even have the option to return to the session (I was the host). Now I have a Carcinnox and a Pulsar blueprints (with +58% fire rate) but he's not.
I don't know if Warframe really has dedicated servers or whatever but please, fix that problem because I'm sure that nobody likes the idea of losing all the loot obtained in a 1 hour (or more) mission.
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