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I start to dislike the relic system


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Hey Tennos,
i played warframe for some time now, and when the relic system first go introduced i found it so mutch better then the old void system for prime parts, but that is a long time ago.

i now started playing after some time again and tryed to get some prime stuff together, but it looks like the things i want to get, no one else is searching for. I think there are just to many things in the system now. I not saying that it is to hard to get prime stuff together, during to the low cost of prime parts i can easly get everything in no time. i even can make a profit out of all the old relics i have. it is just so boring to run fisher missions.

What i miss is a system where you can hop in and have a good time with other players, for more than 5min. this is also what i like on eiderlon hunts (i have 200+ caps), but they are stressful and also not always available when i like to play for an houre or so. i also enjoyed the plague star event. Maybe im only nostalgic, but i miss these longer runs in the void, i know it had its problems, but i would like to have a system back that fitts into that one houre of play time, with rotating and updating rewards, so that there are players who play together for something. also it should be rewarding for group play. I know that i can do long run fisher mission, but they are more of "let's see what we get" for me and i want something specific to hunt for. also its hard to get groups together for something specific, even more when it is not brand new, and the groups often last only one relic.

Maybe we can update the arbitration system with keys to select mission and specific arcanes? Maybe with new arcanes added and old one vaulted or something? 

Or kill he hole relic system and make it more the old one? but let me hear what you think. 


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7 hours ago, Rawbeard said:

premade groups. boom. solved.

Their issue is that outside of the latest 1-2 prime accesses and current prime vault, finding a group can be difficult. Vaulted Relic Burners Discord does cover a majority of Vaulted items, but good luck finding a premade group for a prime access that was a couple of rotations ago.

I have to agree. I have all the Relics for my codex, and we are well over 200 unique Relics now. It's getting bloated with many Relics being completely unobtainable unless you were here for the Keys to Relics conversion (looking at you Meso D1 for Dual Kamas Prime Blade).

The problem with the old key system vs Void Relic discussion is that there is a major bias towards Relics because you get specific parts leagues faster. The majority of players are excited drops are easier to obtain, so there's no doubt you are a minority for enjoying the previous system. Overall though, I feel the old system was more healthy for gameplay. It's quite boring when you can finish a prime access in one day. It's also incredibly frustrating when terrible modes like Mobile Defense are the only available mission across multiple Relic tiers.

You just need to accept Void Relics for what they are and live with it unfortunately.

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