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I like how the Converted Kuva Liches are now. They're so much more useful than they were before. However, the one major idea I have is: Why can't we mod our dear Kuva Liches (Converted) to make them even more powerful? And a special Endo you pick up to go with those Kuva Lich Mods? Wouldn't it make sense to make your Converted Kuva Liches the best buddy for you to use in battle with? Like a mod that extends your kuva lich stay time? Or weapon damage? Or specific Kuva Lich Auguments (Kinda like Warframe Auguments) that powers up your kuva lich's abilities? And you'd go to a menu in your arsenal that allows you to pick and choose which Lich you can choose to spawn at random, cause I'm sure many tenno have basically armies of armies of Converted Kuva Liches and like a specific one that they want to randomly spawn all the time. For example, I have Cofekry Zekhl (Who I love to nickname Chinese Markiplier cause she looks like him), and Jekks Imm who's just an all around lovable goofball that I enjoy seeing spawn on missions. But I want Jekks Imm to spawn all the time because I love his personality. And I also want to mod him to become more powerful. Same goes for when the Command Internistic comes out (Hopefully this month!), I'd like to make him a powerful crewmember to help fight boarders, sentient, Corpus, or Grineer alike. Same will go for Corpus Liches (Which I hope to god they're called Big Wigs, referencing Toontown Online/Rewritten) and infested liches.

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