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Inconsistant Mods


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I have found that as I try to upgrade my mods on my equipment, the mods that show up in the arsenal, that I am CERTAIN I have had for months, do not show up in my mod inventory for me to upgrade them. For example, I have the stance Cleaving Whirlwind. Everyone should know what that mod is, right? Well, it shows up when in my arsenal when I equip it to War. Cool. Now I just need to upgrade it. So I go to the mods inventory to do so, and at that point, I have 3 other mods as well equipped. However, only one of them show up. ONE. MOD. It wasn't even my Primed Heavy Trauma, which I am certain I have. No the only mod the inventory shows that I have is my basic pressure point. I have tried to search for the mod manually with the search bar, but to no avail. This is happening with many of my mods. I have the Kuva Brakk, fully modded, and only half the mods show up in the mod inventory. Please help.

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