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Weapon Trees on Mouseover


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Hello! PC Tenno here with a suggestion!

Do you frequently find yourself with a pile of ranked weapons, mass-selling, then finding out (oh so painfully) later that our lovely rank fodder actually builds into another rank fodder? Well woe to you no longer! With my hopeful idea of [NEXT STEP ON WEAPON MOUSEOVER], these lovely little gremlins will no longer plague you with having escaped the foundry once again!

Ok, jokes aside, I feel like this would be SUPER helpful, as I find myself frequently crawling the underbelly of the wiki for each and every single weapon, trying to find out if I should sell or hoard for another gun build. Basically you would just mouse over said gun in inventory, and along with the name popup, maybe a little icon or blurb about what it builds into (if anything). Thank you for reading!

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