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[Warframe Concept] Vreron,The Sniper Warframe


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Health:500 Shields: 250 Armor:300 Sprint Speed: 1.1

Passive: Vreron gives a 10% buff to any sniper.


Long Shot:

Vreron points a finger at an enemy, and shoots a beam of energy at them, dealing impact, and electric damage. Costs 25 energy.

Heavy Caliber:

Vreron drains his energy into his weapon, giving it a 100% damage buff. Costs 50 energy on cast, lasts for 10 seconds.

Blasting Sheath:

Vreron will explode any proc on him, and will place it on the enemys in a 20m radius, and will deal blast damage with a 100% chance to proc. Costs 75 energy.

50 Cal. :

Veron creates a exalted sniper made out of energy, shooting it will deal a massive amount of slash, and corrosive damage. Charging it will deal a blast proc, and leaving corrosive in the area in a 20m radius, if you have heavy caliber on, it will double the buff, giving a 200% damage buff for the sniper, and will have primary mods in account. Costs 100 energy to cast, drains 5 energy a second.

I'm tired, goodnight.







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