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Bug on one of the tile sets


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On 2020-02-10 at 2:32 AM, Tesla_Reloaded said:

It's just an effect of Oberon's Hallowed Ground skill on first sscreenshot.

And on second is a very old and fixed bug with dropship skins. No one can repeat it now, but some of those, who did it before decided to leave their bugged out dropship skin on purpose.

No not Oberon's Hallowed Ground, they just wanted to caste it on top of the bug. I saw it first on the floor while using my Nehza speed running everywhere looking for the Acolytes and placed the marker. If it did happen to be Oberon's ability "which it isn't" its still a bug.

I know about the ship skins, I have it one one of mine still during the anniversary dex weapons and skin I believe it was. Im not talking about that. In the middle of the screen the "Pink" marker just floating on loading screen.

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